We install tailored facade facades
Muenchener Ruck BE 95
4 538 m2
Unique Smarthouse Munchen building
Smarthouse Munchen
Unique Smarthouse Munchen building
2 741 m2
Unique building in Innsbruck
Innsbruck multifunctional building
2 800 m2
About us
More than 10 years experience

STAHL s.r.o. was founded in 2006 as specialist for installation of glazed facades. Based on the substantial experience of the founders STAHL s.r.o. has become one of the leading suppliers and installers of all types of metal structured and glazed facades. The scope of supply and services was extended to engineering services, welding services and special installation services for steel structures and special doors. With experience of installation of security doors, security grids and bomb blast resistant facades on nuclear, military and business projects in Germany, France, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium and Africa, STAHL s.r.o. today is one of the leading installation companies. More than 80 employees and 30 freelancers are the guarantee for quality and flexibility.

Our services
  • Fabrication, delivery and erection of steel / alu / stainless steel constructions

    Installation on nuclear and military fields

    Welding service of all types on site or in fabrication

    Service an maintenance on facdes, windows, doors

  • Worldwide provision of high qualified welders
  • Machines and tools especially adapted to facade and heavy doors installation
  • Installation of steel / metal / stainless steel constructions of all dimensions
  • Installation and manipulation of heavy high security doors
  • Sales and consultance for high security facades and doors

We are proud of worldwide realized projects and satisfied clients

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Welding of and with all systems and materials

tasks of all requirements and standards. On field or in a factory / fabrication. STAHL s.r.o. is specialized and experienced in

welding of fire protection and security doors and grids
welding jobs on nuclear and military fields
welding of wind power plants
welding of steel structures and constructions
welding of stainless steel
welding teams of more than 40 specialists
equipment for all kind of welding tasks

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Proof of Quality by successful finalized projects of famous clients like SOMMER Design& Security, Starmann Facades, Roschmann Facades, Vinci France, Wolff & Müller, …..