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Assembly of tailored glazed facades

Nowadays everyone is looking for something extraordinary and unseen. In any case, glass is one of the most sophisticated materials that will not disappear from architecture any soon.

Material that appeals to every fan of minimalism, pure shapes and irreplaceable style.

Glass facade

The glass facade is a symbol of modern, minimalistic and shapely simple architecture. Outside the aesthetic point of view, it is also necessary to highlight the practical use of the glazed facade. The glass perfectly lets light through, making the interior optically larger. Thanks to the glass, the building develops a unique contact with the exterior. The glass facade is extremely resistant to climate differences. It is also suitable for high-rise buildings as it has great insulating properties, due to which it is no longer necessary to worry about unwanted heat leakage. The construction is also extremely rigid. The best thing about these glass facades are that they are not high maintenance and they hold their appearance and modern design for many years later.

Installation of glazed facade

The glass facade is now part of the buildings of shopping centers, business centers, office complexes or luxury hotels. Frame surfaces in which glass is placed now occupy a minimum of space and are virtually invisible, which increases the minimalist appearance. When installing such facades, a column-transverse facade system is used which serves as a filling casing.

The glass is then fastened to the supporting profiles by screwing the aluminum strip to the specified element. The glass facade can be fastened even without visible covers. This system is used for all-glass facades. The glass can also be attached to the aluminum frame with a silicone adhesive.

Possibilities of glazed facade

Nowadays, there are several procedures for installing a glazed facade. It all depends on the desired aesthetic impression and architectural requirements of the project. We definitely can create individual conditions for each client.

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